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Hambletonian Monument

On May 5, 1849 Hambletonian was born in Sugar Loaf, NY . He was the great grandson of an imported English thoroughbred named Messenger.old color print depicting Hambltonian with owner


 Even as a foal, Hambletonian so impressed William Rysdyk the stable hand who cared for him that he bought him for $125 from owner Jonas Seely. Hambletonian appeared in publics for the first time at the age of six months and really wowed the crowds at the Orange County Fair in Goshen.

But Hambletonian, a very muscular bay with well-formed hind legs, was more than just a beautiful, fast horse---he became the sire of an entire strain of trotting horses bearing his name. Over the course of his lifetime, Hambletonian sired 1,331 foals and after his offspring made such strong showings as trotters, the other existing bloodlines became extinct.

photo of Hambletonian monument

Hambletonian died after 27 years on March 27,1876 and was buried on what became Hambletonian Avenue in Chester NY. Seventeen years later an impressive granite obelisk was erected paid for by friends and well wishers. In the meantime, a neighborhood grew up around the monument and the small memorial enclosure around the obelisk presents a rather unique tableau.


the hambletoian inscription


Famous descendants of Hambletonian include Dexter (2:17 /¼), Lou Dillon (the first two minute trotter), Maud S., Billy Direct (1:55), Greyhound and the 1995 Hambletonian winner, Tagliabue.


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